Post-processing of Żywieckie Lake

Hello everyone.
Today I would like to say something about my post processing routine.
I’ve been asked at G+ how I’m able to achieve this kind of colours at this photograph.
Let’s get through the process with me.
SONY DSCOriginal photo
 SONY DSC 1st step: Cropped to 1×1
 2nd step: Temp to 7750(from 6200) and Tint to 10(from 4)
 3rd step: Exposure +20, Contrast +5, Highlights – 37, Shadows – 5, Clarity +15
 4th step: Tone curve: Highlights +28, Shadows -9 and lens corrections
As you can see the key thing was in my opinion very nice light given by the morning sun, diffused mainly by the fog.
The rest was a little tweaking made in Lr4. I’ve made some other versions but this one is my personal favorite.
If anything is not clear, because my english fell free to ask in comments.
Best regards.